Tremendous Savings on Your Phone Bills.


Voice, Data and Mobile Services

Fixed Line Service

Analogue ISDN Bundle Packages E-Billing Kraft Telecoms fixed line services can be delivered on a new line installation or on your existing line.


Standard ADSL Fibre Optic Hardware Reliable Kraft Telecoms Broadband is a cost effective service delivered over your existing phone line, ranging from standard ADSL to Fibre Optic.

Hosted Telephony

Hardware Bundle Packages Cost Effective Easy to Manage A complete communications service, Easy to manage to Easily Scalable Solution .

EFM & Ethernet

Uncontended Dedicated Fully Managed Secure A high speed, dedicated and fully managed connection, ideal for the smooth running of any business where connectivity is critical.

Phone System

Hardware Reliable Flexible Simple to Use Deliver essential communications to teams based in the office, at home, on the road or travelling abroad.

Hosted Computing

Cost savings over IT Setup Freedom to work from anywhere Instantly Scalable. Only pay for what you need Hosted desktop offers the ability to access your windows desktop, anytime, anywhere with an active data connection.