Frequently Asked Questions!
1. What happens after i Sign up with Kraft Telecom?

A. Switching over to Kraft Telecom is a very simple process. We send a notification to your existing supplier that we are intending to take over billing for your fixed line services, However we do recommend that you check with them regarding any cancellation fees and understanding your final bill from them.

2. Will there be any interuption of services?

A. In most cases, when transferring your fixed line services to us there is no interruption to service but on the odd occasion there may be a little glitch beyond our control which means a small amount of downtime is experienced but rest assured we do everything in our control to ensure there is no downtime suffered. The only exception to this is your broadband service which as we state below in our broadband section can transfer at any time until midnight on the day of transfer, so there may be an element of downtime in this scenario which will be minimised as much as possible and usually doesn’t last for any longer than 1 hour from the point your old service stops working.

3. Will my number change if i switch over?

A. There will be no change in your number, it remains the same.

4. Who should i contact if there are any service issues?

A. You would need to contact your current provider until the transfer date. After the transfer has completed you should contact Kraft Telecom.

5. Can I view my bill online?

A. Yes, our online service allows you to view details of your unbilled calls, as well as your last 3 months activity with tools that allow you to see usage and costs. Call our customer services team on 0800 112 0096 to get your online account set up.

6. Are you part of BT?

A. No, Kraft Telecom is an independent privately owned UK company, one of the reasons we are able to offer such competitive rates and service.

7. Why do I need to pay by Direct Debit?

A. Direct Debit is a convenient way to pay bills and it’s also very secure as every payment is covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee scheme. Plus by paying by Direct Debit you will not incur any late payment charges or admin fees for payment processing.

8. What happens if I have a fault on my line?

A. Simply call our faults team and they will deal with your problem promptly. All repairs are carried out by Openreach the service company owned by BT.

9. Is there a Charge for Paper Bill?

A. Yes, £2.99 for paper billing. However e-billing is free of charge.

10. How soon is fault repaired?

A. This would vary as it would depend upon the nature, location and availability of the engineer in the affected area. The commitment time is 72 working hours for standard lines. However, there are different care levels based on priority at an additional cost per month.